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Jean and Ben Temkin is a writing married couple with backgrounds in finance, literature and art. This is their site – they want you to be able to see what books they have been written and, by clicking through to Amazon be able to buy them on-line or from your local bookshop.

In addition you can click on to their newsletter. This letter tells you what they feel about the South African stock market in particular, the global markets as a whole, and comment on interesting shares, their literary output and their painting ventures.

Ben Temkin

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Ben Temkin is the author of several published books, including the satirical novel, “The Match” (New Millennium 1995) and two biographies of Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi. His book, “Fiddlers on the Reef – the Chweidan and Poplak Stock Exchange Swindles” (Purnell 1973) was a non-fiction bestseller in South Africa. He and his writer wife, Jean live in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.

Jean Temkin trained and worked on both the London and the Johannesburg Stock Exchanges. She was mainly responsible for popularising charting in the press and later co-authored the Federated Life Investment book and worked as a financial writer on The Citizen, The Financial Mail and The Star and contributed to other publications here and abroad.

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