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More Charting For Profit by Jean Temkin

Investors may know all the financial figures, including statistics and ratios, about a company, but they won’t know if it’s the right time to buy or sell a share unless they know that the market mood is right. That’s what technical analysis is about – giving you the picture of good probability whether or not a share, a sector, and index, or the market as a whole, is about to rise or fall.

Charting for Profit, published in 1996, quickly became the standard text on technical analysis in South Africa. Its sequel More Charting for Profit soon sold out, but rather than a reprint, as Jean Temkin had lots more to say on the subject, she wrote Even More Charting for Profit which incorporates many new features that have since been introduced by popular computing software packages. For the experienced chartist or the novice, this book is invaluable, revealing her personal secrets that made her weekly newsletter, Temkin & Moon on Diagonal Street, the most sought-after stock market newsletter in South Africa for more than a decade.

Mr. Fletcher's Proudest Moment by Jean Temkin

Mr Fletcher’s Proudest Moment is one of a collection of short stories about Johannesburg dwellers, their thoughts and emotions, at particular times. Some look back to by-gone eras and some are timeless.

Kate’s story, for example, highlights the intense racism that once existed, while Mother Love and Gran are timeless stories. Mrs Wright comes to town, a version of which appears in the novel, Mist and Smoke, tells of a particular incident in Johannesburg’s history. The Reunion hopes that the reader will speculate on the eventual outcome of the story and Mr Fletcher’s Proudest Moment tells how many believe to-days South Africa should be conducting itself.

Mist & Smoke by Jean Temkin

Mist and Smoke is a work of fiction but with factual South African historical events over a near 200-year period used as background to the story. Also factual are two establishments, a school in Nottingham Road and an art foundation in Johannesburg that dared to defy the authorities.

A fictional family saga, spread over five generations, tells the story of how the county’s political and economic impacted on this family, one of the first to settle in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands. Family members took part in four wars, while witnessing the two major waves, British and Afrikaans control that shaped the county before it became a democracy. When democracy eventually took over it brought its own problems along with it.

Seeking Adam by Jean Temkin

Set in South Africa, Seeking Adam, a sequel to Mist and Smoke looks deeply into the disturbing trade in human beings, mostly for the sex industry which, in recent years, has grown to such magnitude that it is challenges drug trafficking for prime position. Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar business, employing hoards of people who set out to trap the young and the vulnerable, in many parts of the world.

This disturbing story begins when, as Mist and Smoke ends nine-year-old Adam driven away in his grandfather’s car, which was hijacked in Pietermaritzburg. Adam’s mother, Diana, is assisted in the search for her child by Lindiwe Buthelezi, the last person to have seen him before he began his horrific journey.

Assisting the police department involved in human trafficking, Diana and Lindiwe involve themselves with other young victims as their search progresses. Lindiwe successfully prises a group of youngsters away from the grip of a trafficker and assists in tracing other lost youngsters. Following clues that emerge, Diana agonisingly searches across the world.

Cat For by Jean Temkin

Cat, is a member of a mutant (Mute) commune living in a cavern in the hills beyond New City, which was built following the devastation inflicted on The Land by man-made pollution and religious wars.

The pollution, caused by ridding The Land of toxic waste by blasting it into outer space, where it was trapped by a man-made greenhouse, also caused the mutation of some people. It was these mutations that led to bloody wars between various churches. The winning church, led by the First Prophet, then ruled The Land. Succeeded by subsequent Prophets, the Fifth Prophet banished the Mutes from New City, forcing them to live in communes.

The Top, overseen by Chief, is a highly successful commune, living off the land and the goods which Cat, a skilled cat-burglar, forages from New City. Typically the mutant babies born to Norms (normal people) are left at a special collection point from which Cat collect them. However, late one night a hover-car pulls up at The Top and leaves what is apparently a Norm baby. Enchanted by the beautiful child, Cat names her Princess.

While in appearance she is a Norm, Princess has very special powers which she sometimes used for good, and sometimes for evil. These amazing powers come to the notice of a less friendly commune which attempts to kidnap her. This sets off a series of events which culminate in vast changes.

A Colour To Kill For by Jean Temkin

Clive Braun, a handsome young man, confined to a wheelchair, is attracted to women, but a particular kind - those who resemble his deceased mother. Living alone except for his beloved dog, Judge, Clive’s addiction to crime fiction novels brings him in contact with Ann, a woman with a similar book addiction. Both living in Parkhurst, a suburb of Johannesburg, Ann becomes a regular visitor to Clive’s home.

Shirley, a friend of Ann, mysteriously cannot be found, the plight also of a local estate agent. When another of Ann’s friends disappear, police inspector Mike Osborne calls to question Ann. He then calls and calls again. Regarding herself as a sleuth, often to Mike’s irritation, Ann involves herself in solving the mystery of the disappearing women.

This intriguing quest is narrated by Jean Temkin, author of several novels including Mist & Smoke and its sequel Seeking Adam.