For more than three years I’ve had double vision. You might have thought this was a bonus – two for one. The fact is that it’s debilitating. Reading was onerous as the print was always out focus and typing was a slog.

The double vision was one of the side effects of the several strokes I had had. I had been lucky because the other side effects had been mitigated by my own physical therapy.

Now, if I had been forced to earn a living by writing, I would have continued by doing just this and, put up with the double vision. However, my retirement income is sufficient and so I have avoided unnecessary writing.

Of course I continued to the various doctors that I still suffered from double vision but they appeared to be pleased that I could read.

Why don’t you dictate, one of the medical specialists asked me? Good suggestion but I had to review the stuff and that was a pain.

For several years both Jean and I have had our eye tests with a specialist. However, it seemed she could need new glasses and so, to optician/optometrist Owen.

After Jean’s examination, I mentioned to Owen it was a pity, nothing could be done my double vision.

‘But, of course, it can,’ Owen said.

This was proved by arduous examination followed by new glasses. And, as I can now see again, I can also write.
I know that at least one of the former readers of the narrative of Jean’s and my High Yield Portfolio is anxious for its resumption. There may we others. In any case, the story goes on.

I had rather hoped the resuscitated Rand Daily Mail would like the revived narrative, especially I as there was no fee. Alas, the bait was nibbled but was not taken.

Ben Temkin